Booklet "Cats of Deserts of Kazakhstan"

The project team for the study and conservation of the Eurasian leopard in Kazakhstan has prepared a booklet "Cats of Kazakhstan Deserts" in Kazakh and Russian languages. At present, the first trial run of the booklet is being prepared for distribution among protect areas staff and local residents, primarily in the Mangistau region. The project team would like to thank Jose R. Castello, author of the book "Felines and Hyenas of the World: Wild Cats, Panthers, Lynxes, Pumas, Ocelots, Caracals and Their Relatives" (2020), for permission to use the wonderful illustrations from this book in our booklet.

Photo of a caracal from a camera trap on the territory of the Ustyurt Reserve

Download the booklet in Kazakh (PDF)

Download the booklet in Russian (PDF)

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