Mission & goals


Biodiversity Research and Conservation Center (BRCC) Community Trust was created 08.09.2020 in Astana.

BRCC’s creation was preceded by environmental work and initiatives in the field of raptor protection in the Republic of Kazakhstan, initiated by Ongarbaev N.H. and with the support of “Dostyk Advisory” LLP.

Today, BRCC is a non-governmental non-profit organization, established by citizens on the basis of voluntary property contributions and created to achieve the goals and objectives stipulated by its Charter.

Mission & goals

The mission of BRCC is to restore and preserve the biological diversity of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The objectives and subject of the BRCC's activities are to promote the conservation of the biological diversity of the Republic of Kazakhstan by:

  • identifying, studying, and analyzing the most significant risks of biological diversity conservation and factors affecting them;
  • development of plans and measures for the conservation of biological diversity and their subsequent implementation;
  • attracting public attention to the problems of biodiversity conservation and promoting respect for nature;
  • conducting explanatory work, promoting the formation of environmental culture among the population;
  • attracting financial, material and other resources for the purpose of their further redistribution for biodiversity conservation;
  • assisting in the development of scientific approaches to the study of problems of biological diversity conservation;
  • delivering services and performing work aimed at the conservation of biological diversity.