How can individuals get involved?

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We understand that your expertise may not always be related to biology and/or conservation initiatives. If you want to be involved in biodiversity conservation and you share our values and ideas, you can always participate in our work both directly and remotely.

Choose how you'd like to get involved

  • Become a volunteer
  • “Top up" an eagle’s cellular account
  • Donate to BRCC

How might your contribution be used?

Sometimes we don't have enough human or material resources for our projects. You could potentially:

  • Assist with fieldwork
  • Help promote our news and publications
  • Assist in renting vehicles for trips and expeditions
  • Support the cost of mobile operator services (SMS generated by GPS transmitters that we use to track birds on their active migratory routes)
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Connect with us

To discuss possible cooperation, you can always contact us at one of the following email addresses:,