Discussion of the definition of "bird-hazardous design"

We invite all interested parties (zoologists, ecologists, public organizations, power engineers, manufacturers of bird protection solutions) to discuss the definition of bird-hazardous design as applied to overhead power lines.

Currently, the legislation of Kazakhstan and normative and technical documentation in the field of electric power industry lacks a strict definition of the term bird-hazardous design, which complicates the work on the implementation of bird protection solutions at power infrastructure facilities that pose a lethal danger to birds. We would like to eliminate this gap by introducing a definition of bird-hazardous construction (in relation to overhead power lines and distribution substations) into the relevant documentation.

The draft definition of bird-hazardous design is provided in the PDF file attached to this news item. It has also been published in the chat room of the bird protection working group and e-mailed to all interested parties.

Draft of the definition of bird-hazardous design (PDF)

An owl (Bubo bubo) killed by electrocution at overhead power lines. Author: N. Ongarbayev

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