The BRCC team continues to work on the bustard conservation project

Spring is in full swing in the Turkestan region, and this is a hot time for researchers. This time our bustard keepers (Malik Nukusbekov and Bakytzhan Kyrykbai) were joined by Stefan Michel, coordinator project for the transboundary conservation of bustards in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Right now they are traveling around the steppe, watching drofs, talking with local residents, getting valuable information from them about the places where birds congregate during the mating season.

Malik Nukusbekov and Stephan Michel against the background of blooming steppe

The purpose of the spring expedition, which began on April 9, is to observe and count the number of birds, search for new mating and breeding grounds. During the trips, the keepers do not forget about the educational component of the project, telling residents about the peculiarities of the bustard's biology and ecology, threats to this species and measures to preserve these beautiful birds. Thus, the circle of useful contacts is widening, more and more people are getting involved in the process and expressing their desire to help the keepers.

An integral part of the educational talks is the distribution of stickers and information booklets in Kazakh and Russian languages. The BRCC team has prepared a separate booklet for hunters, which focuses on the conservation of the bustard as an element of Kazakhstan's national heritage that we must preserve for posterity.

Stickers with the image of a bustard will remind people of their encounters with keepers

According to Malik Nukusbekov, one of the most striking impressions during the first days of the trip was watching bustards mating, which he observed for the first time. He also noted that some females were already laying clutches at that time.

An important result of the educational work was the fact that tractor drivers during field work now try to drive around the clutches without damaging the nests

The expedition continues. We wish our bustard keepers a productive trip, interesting meetings, new finds and new acquaintances. And residents of Turkestan Oblast are encouraged to join the cause of conservation of the bustard - the pride of Kazakhstan!

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