Student "green" initiatives at Nazarbayev University

On April 4-5, Nazarbayev University hosted the annual conference as part of the Sustainability Living Lab (SLL) program implemented by the Office of Sustainable Development with the support of the National Conservation Initiative Corporate Foundation and Chevron. This year, the BRCC team was invited to the conference as guests.

The Sustainability Living Lab program supports green research and innovation projects of the university community aimed at sustainable campus development. SLL's priority areas are energy and green buildings, waste management, sustainable food, biodiversity, water and transport. Students participating in the program receive financial, mentoring and administrative support for their projects, as well as access to the campus infrastructure and provision of necessary materials.


Within the framework of the conference twelve Kazakhstan universities participating in the program presented their "green" initiatives related to energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, waste recycling, water treatment. There were presentations of student projects, master classes and educational sessions led by environmental experts on climate change, water resources, air quality, etc. And in the Atrium of the University building at the interactive exhibition it was possible to see the results of the projects: to hold in your hands products made of waste glass, polymer threads for 3D-printers made of waste plastic, crafts made of polymer concrete and much more.

At the conference we met with representatives of Nazarbayev University's Office of Sustainable Development, exchanged contacts and expressed our interest in cooperation in the field of involving students of biological and environmental professions in research and environmental initiatives, in particular, projects on biodiversity conservation as an integral element of sustainable development.


Sustainability Living Lab in Kazakhstan

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