Birds and power lines: lecture at Karaganda University

On April 3, within the framework of the Bird Week in a lecture for students "Birds and power lines" was held at E.A. Buketov Karaganda University. It was conducted by BRCC researchers Henrietta Pulikova and Alyona Kaptenkina.
At the lecture, the students learned why power lines are dangerous for birds, how exactly birds are electrocuted, what types of power lines are the most dangerous, how many birds die annually on power lines in Kazakhstan and what technical solutions exist to make power line structures safer for birds. At the end of the event, an online quiz was held, in which the students consolidated their knowledge. The students who best answered the questions received commemorative prizes.

Ornithologist Genrietta Pulikova

Ornithologist Alyona Kaptyonkina

In Kazakhstan, tens of thousands of birds of prey die annually on overhead power lines (OPL). According to ornithologists' observations, on average 5.5 specimens of birds of prey per 10 km of bird-hazardous overhead power lines with the capacity of 6-10 kV are killed annually. The total length of 6-10 kV lines in Kazakhstan is more than 80 thousand kilometers.

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