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Eco-NIOKR LLC – 18 years for the protection of birds at the electric grid facilities of the Russia

Panov I. (Eco-NIOKR LLC, Ulyanovsk, Russia)

Igor Panov
Recommended citation: Panov I. Eco-NIOKR LLC – 18 years for the protection of birds at the electric grid facilities of the Russia. – Raptors Conservation. 2023. S2: 419–424. DOI: 10.19074/1814- 8654-2023-2-419-424 URL:

We have been developing and manufacturing special bird protection devices (SBPD) for overhead power lines (PL) and substations since 2006.

Our devices are in demand all over Russia, from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk.

Products are developed by experienced designers with the participation of ornithologists – professional experts in bird protection.

The combined experience of specialists allows us to produce effective, reliable, and durable SBPDs.

Today the company owns 23 patents.

Our products are certified, meet the technical requirements of “ROSSETI”, and are recommended for use in the facilities of “ROSSETI” PJSC.

The product development process includes:
1) Study of problem areas and units of electrical equipment;
2) Data analysis;
3) Design and modeling of SBPD models;
4) Production of molds and selection of materials.

Various tests play a key role in the manufacturing process. First, the samples undergo field and bench testing in a specially equipped yearround aviary with live birds of model species and constant video monitoring. The equipment is then tested in accredited laboratories. At the same time, test batches of SBPD are tested in test sites with extreme climatic conditions. If the results are positive, the products are put into pilot operation in existing power grid facilities.

Special attention is paid to the selection of materials for SBPD production. Thanks to the use of high-quality components, we obtain strong, durable, UV-resistant material with the necessary dielectric properties.

We manufacture our products on our own plastic molding lines, which allows us to fully control the production process and monitor the quality of the delivered products.

In 2020, in a region with an increased number of bird deaths on power lines, we have set up an electrical network test site, where batches of new SBPD designs manufactured and installed in accordance with the requirements of the organizational standard of PJSC “ROSSETI” undergo a final commissioning quality control.

At present we offer a wide range of our own models of bird protection devices of various types certified by “ROSSETI” PJSC:
- Anti-perching type,
- Barrier,
- Insulating,
- Safe perching.

The full list of devices is presented on Eco-NIOKR LLC website1

Bird protection device of anti-perching type.
Thanks to its sloping shape, birds are unable to land. Snow, branches and other objects cannot be caught by the device, confirmed by field tests.
The device does not contain any metal parts, the whole construction is made of dielectric non-combustible material with excellent resistance to mechanical stress.
The device has a universal durable mount and can be adjusted in three planes.

Barrier-type bird protection device.
It protects the Insulator string and other elements of overhead power lines and substation equipment from contamination by bird waste.
The “ZONT” does not require assembly it is completely ready for installation.
Suitable for protection of suspended insulators of all types and sizes, thanks to the bracket attachment.
Successful testing confirms reliable fastening and resistance of the structure to mechanical influences.
The “ZONT” is made of non-combustible dielectric material.

Perch-type bird protection device.
Designed for the safe landing of birds on power lines, preventing contact with potentially dangerous elements of electrical equipment.
The device does not contain any metal parts, all construction is made of dielectric non-combustible material with excellent resistance to mechanical stress.
The device has a universal and reliable mounting.

Barrier-type bird protection device.
Intended for protection of power network equipment of all voltage levels against penetration and nesting by medium and large birds.
It is used to equip catenary supports of various designs, supports and portals of substations, as well as various electrical equipment.

Insulating-type bird protection device.
Designed for protection of birds from electric shocks on disconnectors “RLND10”, as well as at the inputs of current-carrying conductors in Unit Transfer Substation with bushings.
Redesigned “TRK” cover, now in two parts with added ventilation, mounting, and drainage holes, which greatly facilitates the installation process and improves performance, preventing overheating and moisture accumulation.
The unit is made of non-flammable dielectric material.

Insulating rod SDP-PTR-15
Remote mounting device SBPD
We have mastered an only-in-Russia experience of SBPD installation from the ground without removing voltage from overhead lines.
Reliable fastening of protective devices was improved thanks to improvements to the assembly and wire fastener elements.
The fastener consists of a reinforced insulating rod and an original handle of its own design, permitting rapid installation.
Remote installation of SBPD avoids disconnection of consumer service, yearround, without any regulatory restrictions. All this provide significant cost savings.

BPD-MGLB-M-NG "Marker"
Marker-type bird protection device.
Device is used on overhead power lines of all voltages and reduces the probability of bird collisions with overhead power lines. It is installed on wires with a diameter up to 30 mm.

Our devices provide power engineers with uninterrupted, reliable equipment operation and have been highly appreciated by state and public environmental organizations many years!

We are always open to cooperation and are constantly striving to improve our products based on the latest achievements in the field of bird-protective electrical engineering.

Steppe Eagle (Aquila nipalensis) and Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo) on power poles with birdprotective covers from the Eko-NIOKR company.

Black Kite (Milvus migrans) on power pole with bird-protective covers from the Eko-NIOKR company.