Third International Scientific and Practical Conference “Eagles of the Palearctic: Study and Conservation”

Raptors Conservation. Suppl. 2. Proceedings of Conferences

Status of Imperial Eagle in Iran

Tabari M.A. (Conservation & Management of Wildlife General Directorate, Tehran, Iran)

Mohammad Tabari
Recommended citation: Tabari M.A. Status of Imperial Eagle in Iran. – Raptors Conservation. 2023. S2: 328. DOI: 10.19074/1814-8654-2023-2-328-328 URL:

Distribution and abundance of the Eastern Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca) in Iran: a scarce breeding bird in Caspian forests of central and eastern Alborz, and in the east of northern Khorasan. A widespread winter visitor in rather small numbers to Caspian lowlands and large wetlands in central Iran south to Khuzestan, the Persian Gulf coast, and southern Baluchestan. Also seen as a passage migrant in Iranian Azerbaijan.
Conservation status: Globally has been listed as vulnerable (VU) in IUCN Red List and listed in CITES Appendix I. Also concerned as endangered species in Iran and is of conservation value.