How can non-profit funders help?

2.3 Сохранение балобана и стервятника в горах Каратау
Tagging of a nestling of an Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus) by GPS-GSM tracker. Photo: N. Ongarbayev

Despite active funding from international environmental funds, the BRCC team always has a large number of environmental activities on the agenda that could be implemented with additional financial or material support.

International non-profit foundations are always welcome to make inquiries with BRCC about existing funded initiatives and new initiatives needing resources for implementation.

BRCC began its activities without external funding, relying on limited support by its founders. First projects in 2018-2019 studied bird mortality on power lines, as well as a number of promotional initiatives aimed at drawing attention to the endangered Saker Falcon population in Kazakhstan. Our team is still developing other independent environmental initiatives.

Given the above, successful and comprehensive solutions for environmental challenges often require long-term resource support. BRCC is always happy to discuss funding opportunities or other material support by international non-profit foundations.

3.4 Степной орёл2.4 Сохранение исчезающих видов хищных птиц в КЗ
Steppe Eagle (Aquila nipalensis). Photo: N. Ongarbayev
Photo from the EWaP archives
Photo from the EWaP archives

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